How To Lose 10 Pounds in Weight the Right Way

How to Lose 10 Pounds of Bodyfat


by Rob Stone

How would you like to lose 1lb of bodyfat?  or even 5lb of bodyfat?

lose 10 pounds of bodyfat


Then keep reading….remember 1 stone (14lb in weight) equals just about 3 house bricks, now thats alot!



Do you really want to lose weight? Yes? Then read every word of this article.


Give your body what it want’s and it will give you what you want.

Stop going from one thing to another, listening to multiple people, magazines, adverts.. much of it is a load of rubbish.



You Need to be in a Calorie Defecit-

To lose weight, you need to be in a calorie defecit, but do you know how many calories you are eating each day?

Without tracking your calories for a few day’s, you can’t tell how many you are eating.

There is the other side where people are not eating enough so their body does not work properly for weight loss.

Making sure you are eating enough calories is paramount as so many people who contact me are not eating enough.

If you don’t eat enough calories per day, then your body end’s up panicking and storing fat.

I get asked so many times why someone isn’t losing weight.

Start eating the right amount of calories, the body works properly and burns fat efficiently.

Most of the time, people who ask are eating under 1000 calories a day when you need more for the body to work.

Have a read of my article here –  Article – Why You Need to Eat to Lose Weight

As I mentioned, hand’s down the most important thing you need to do to lose weight is to make sure you are in a calorie defecit.

This mean’s , eat less calories than you burn each day BUT don’t go to low or your body will panick and store fat.

In general, a woman requires between 1800-2000 calories to maintain her weight, and a guy requires around 2500 calories per day.

This can vary depending on height and current weight, so use a online calorie calculator to see what your maintenance comes out as.

You then take this figure and reduce it by 20% , so you are in a 20% calorie defecit per day.

Give it 8-12 weeks and you would have dropped a significant amount of weight.

Don’t go below a 20% defecit or you can lose muscle as well as fat instead of just fat.

That’s how so many people end up as skinny fat and look gaunt where they look slim with their clothe’s on but still have fat stores underneath.

An Example -

Say you are a woman who’s 5 foot 6 and 13 stone.

If you are eating regularly, to maintain your weight at your current size when you are overweight, you would require 2100 calories.

So, if you look at the calories you are eating per day and change a few things so you eat 1680, you are instantly eating 420 calories less a day.

So because your body needs the extra 420 calories to maintain your weight, it does not have them view food so where do it get them? Your body fat.

So as your body fights with itself about the calories it needs, it takes it from your body fat as the replacement fuel, and you lose weight.

No , you won’t see a difference over night but take a update photo every two weeks and you will do.

Just track the calories and you can easily lose weight by using your own body against itself, but in a good way.

As with anything in life, there are exceptions like if you are female and have whats called PCOS. There are ways to combat this which will be talked about shortly.

Maintenance Mode – When You are Not Eating Enough 

What you need to also bear in mind is you may need to eat more to lose weight as I mentioned above via the right amount of calories.

If you are someone who skips breakfast, a meal or just tries to live on as little as 1000 calories a day, your body will store fat as it know’s it’s not getting enough fuel for emergencies.

When I first starting helping people, a friend of mine began to eat breakfast and added several hundred calories to their eating per day.

When I went round a few weeks later, they have very noticeably lose weight.

Your body needs fuel, even if you are sitting on the sofa doing nothing so give it what it needs and don’t restrict it.

But I am Always Hungry – What do I do?

As I have mentioned, a huge mistake people make when looking to lose weight is not eat enough.

They may also eat the wrong types of food which gets digested very quickly, high in calories and leaves them hungry again very soon after.

A bad example is macarni cheese with garlic bread, tastes wonderful but carbs are what we have around our mid section.

You need to make sure you have protein in every single meal as protein fills you up more than carbohydrates or fat.

This can be anything from chicken, turkey, tuna, salmon, cottage cheese to tofu if you are vegetarian.

Most of you would probably know that anyway, which is great but many do not realise protein is fantastic because your body needs it as building blocks to keep you healthy but also! it fills you up easier and longer than carbs or fat.

When was the last time you had something like say a jam sandwich and still hungry half an hour later? A chicken and lettuce sandwich is so much better for you.

Get your chicken breasts from the local butcher to, it’s much better quality and cheaper to.

I live on chicken breasts from my butcher, they are huge! because they are from decent chickens and not watered down like some supermarket’s do.

Supermarkets generally have much smaller breasts, lower quality and filled with water.

So with protein, it takes much much longer to digest. It actually takes your body more calories to digest the protein to, bonus eh!


Avoid anything that says Fat Free fatfree One of the main principles of losing weight is to avoid processed sugar, not fat!

When you eat sugar, the calories skyrocket very easily and so you end up eating more calories than you think you are.

What you need to remember is when you see something advertised as Fat Free, avoid it. It boils down to, sugar is worse for you than fat! Hand’s down.

Do they tell you this? nope! ( I will explain shortly why it’s an awful sight worse for you than fat)

The whole diet industry tells you to avoid anything along the lines of chocolate, cake and biscuits.

Yup, that is true but it is how your body reacts to these that can shed more light on how to lose weight, than just avoiding them and not seeing the bigger picture.

People generally know to avoid them because they are fattening. However, do you know why they are fattening (it’s not just because they contain fat).

We have all been fooled into believing that fat makes us fat, but it does not make us fat anymore than eating to much carbs, protein or anything in abundance which goes over the calories per day.

What companies do to food when it is advertised as Fat Free is replace the fat with sugar, which is actually worse for you.

Cut out the processed sugar and you will notice a hell of a difference quicker than going on a low fat diet.



Weight Training (For both men AND woman)


Most people don’t realise, you can lose all the weight you want with a calorie defecit and weight training.

Why slog it out on a treadmill for 40 minute’s when eating 400 calorie less doe’s the same thing?

Then use weight training to burn a couple hundred more and keep your metabolsim up.


The two main issues that rise here is women thinking either or both of the following –

1. Weight Training is just for guys

2. If you weight train I will bulk up

Both are completely wrong and every single girl my brother has spoken to in his Personal Training career has had the Ah Ha! Moment once he has explained it to them.

Men AND women weight training is a superb way to burn calories and burn stomach fat.

Long story short, lifting some weights tears the micro fibres that makes up muscles.

They need to repair, so where do you think muscles get that energy to do so? – Bodyfat!


Contrary to what many women think, when guys see women weight training in the gym, they have the utter most respect for them as they know themselves what the benefits that weight training brings. 


Watch This breif video to –

When was the last time Weight Watchers or the awful weight loss tv programs told you to do that? Pretty much never.

If they do mention it then don’t tell you why, if they did as I mentioned then the diet industy wouldn’t make so much money out of people who don’t understand why.

They just talk about your BMI, Low fat diet, exercise 3-5 a week.. blah blah blah kitten bloody crap – Old News plus these diet experts usually usually look like they are gaunt and doesn’t eat or workout properly themselves.

So, You need to remember that our bodies are made up from bone and muscle so when we exercise via cardio we can actually loose some muscle.

This is why it is important to eat enough protein each day, to keep full but also to keep our muscle.

Protein shakes are a great way to keep your protein up, while your body burns the fat away at rest

How many times have you seen someone be on a diet and become gaunt looking? Think back and see if you can think of any.

They may look slim but their face, neck, arms and legs can become untoned which means they have not actually lose all their weight via fat loss, but muscle loss to.

Perform some weight training exercises and you can easily keep your muscle but also gain some to and have a very sexy toned look and be the envy of your friends.

Men would need to weight train for a long time before they looked like Arnie, with spot on diet like actual body builders do.

For us mere mortals both men and women can both do themselves wonders by integrating some weight training into their exercise routine.

Women who do this, feel their confidence grow pretty much overnight and in just a few weeks see a difference in their body shape but you will NOT bulk up like guys do.

So remember, women of any age do not have enough testosterone in their bodies to have biceps like men do and even then, men can take months to get there.

The benefit of weight training is that you burn calories as your muscles repair over the next 2-3 days.

Whereas old school slow cardio, you can stop burning additional calories within the hour or getting off that treadmill. Don’t believe me?

Have a read of this –


You may not like the idea at the moment, but you really do love to .. love it as you see changes.



So I know many of you maybe thinking, I really don’t want to do it but again, believe me it makes a hell of a difference when done right when loosing weight but many people do it wrong.

Many people join the gym, slog it out and lose a few lb then give up or do the same routine every time and get nowhere fast. 

Learn how it’s supposed to be done, and you will feel the complete difference, see a difference in such a short period of time and best of all.. people will SEE a difference in you .. so read on..

How to Exercise Properly and Feel the Benefit To!

Exercise per week boils down to 3 rules for men and women! which may come as a shock to many women reading this.

  • Weight Training 2-3 times a week
  • Cardio 2-3 times a week for 20-25 minutes

What most people do not realise is that you can lose all the weight you need with a calorie defecit and weight training.

Use cardio as a tool to burn some extra calories, you don’t need to reply on it day in day out. Nope.

Now I can hear most women reading this.. oh no.. I can’t do weights, that’s just for men and I will bulk up.

That’s a pile of kitten crap so keep reading! If you have time and exercise 3-5 times a week, you can easily burn 200-500 calories off per session when done right with even more calories over the next couple of days even if you are not in the gym.

Over a few weeks, this add’s up but so many do not keep up with it. If you find motivation a issue, classes like circuit training and boxfit are good to get going.

You will lose weight but as you get good at cardio, you will find it stagnates. Which is where you learn how to do it properly whereas everyone else is wondering why they can’t lose bodyfat.

The  better way.. So does 1-3 times a week of cardio sound better?  20-25 minutes a time instead of 40 minutes or an hours class?

This is where you want to look at HIIT which stands for High Intersity Interval Training.

All it consists of is taking a cardio exercise, and slogging it out as hard as you can for a short period of time. Then rest, before you go again. Repeat this 10-15 times and you get the following benefits -

  • It’s damn quick to do – 5 minute warmup
  • 15-20 mins max of interval cardio instead of 30-60 minutes of slow steady boring cardio
  • 5 minute warmdown
  • It gets the heart rate up and burns fat very efficiently
  • You burn fat for hours, if not a day or so later and that’s just doing cardio right.

Bear in mind, your leg muscles as a example, will be pushed harder so you will find you become toned up more, and burn more calories as your muscles tone up. You can do this in the gym on the cross trainer but even better is a bike with the best way by far is the rowing machine!

  • 2 minute warmup
  • 20 seconds full pelt
  • 40 seconds rest
  • Repeat this 10 times – Sound easy? give it a go..  ;)

If you don’t want to do this in a gym, run down your road for 20 seconds, turn around and jog back, then sprint again. So you now know what most people are doing wrong in the gym – I will write a seperate article on interval training on this site. So here is the even more vital part for anyone male or female, who wants to shed bodyfat -


Weight / Fat loss doesn’t need to be complicated -

Once you have reduced the sugar you eat , your body will release fat alot easier.

Here are the steps for weight loss, no fad diets, no misguided rules the diet industry tries to con you with for money.

This following section is so SO important. Read this and you will be lightyears ahead from most of the people in the UK looking to lose weight.

To keep your current body weight, you need a certain amount of calories. Take for example, someone who is 5ft 4 and weights 13 stone.

They require 2104 calories a day to KEEP to the same weight. Use use a online calculator like the one here which is spot on.

So, to lose weight the best way is to reduce the calories you eat by 15-20% and No More.

So this person would need between 1600 and 1788 calories a day

So many people skip meals, cut their calories to low and the body stops losing fat as it think… Yikes.. not enough calories, I need to store fat incase I’m ill, need to get some fuel in an emergency.. you get my point.

By reducing your calories by 15-20% your body continue’s to lose body fat per day. So over a week the person above who is 13stone will on average lose 1lb a week.

Now I have so many people, friends and people on who say.. oh.. I only lost 1lb this week.


a bag of suger weights 2.2lb so in a fortnight, you have lost the weight of a bag of sugar which is alot!

Give it 3-5 weeks and say you have lost 5lb, sound alot? maybe you think yes, maybe you think no


5lb is the weight of a house brick!!! now thats heavy :)

You may not see it come off your body , but it’s coming off. It comes off from all around your body, so overtime your stomach, bum and whatever place you want it to come off… it will come off.

Give the below process 8-12 weeks and you will see.

I use these digital scales – Salter 9141 Scales as I prefer to read a reading rather than a needle.

Now here is the process and as long as you are in a calorific defecit , you will lose weight. Addin weight training and you can easily double it as weight training produces a calorie burn for several days after.

Now if everyone did the below, diet companies would lose money so… ha to them lol

The Process – 

The Over rule though is – You need to be in a calorie deficit. When you are, your body takes body fat to make up for the calories it needs.

1 As I have already talked about… cut down on sugar from chocolate, cakes, biscuits and low fat yogurt as they pump low fat stuff with sugar and sugar in your body makes you hold onto fat
2. Get MyFitnessPal on your phone
3. Go here, workout how many calories your body needs to STAY AT YOUR WEIGHT
4. Work out how many calories to eat to lose weight slowly (15-20% less than your maintenance)..slow and steady wins the race.. it really does… usually 80% of what you need to stay at your current weight
5. Do some cardio 3 times a week – Don’t do more than 40 mins each session. Walking up a large gradient on the treadmill is good, and no holding on :P
6. If you can, get some heavy weight training in.. if you do then you burn another 200 calories so add that to dropping your calories in.. adds up … ooh yes
You can actually lose weight without cardio, but its very good for overall fitness so keep some in 2-3 times a week.
7. Take before and after photos ever 2 weeks
8. Take each day at a time… 8-12 weeks is nothing in the great scheme of things.
9. Summer evenings coming soon which gives us more energy
Be proud of who you are, alot of people have alot more to lose
Go for it

If you already eat ok, and goto the gym.. get that cardio changed and weight training in. Do it :)

Lastly, be patient.  Take self photos every 2 weeks and over 12 weeks you will see an amazing difference :)

If you don’t know me, just to prove all of this works, here is a photo of me now and what I looked like in from Feb 2012 after losing 4lb away off 3 stone. 

So get off that sofa and don’t look back :)



Get going and never look back




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