How To Lose Several Stone in Weight the Right Way


Today I’m going to show you how I lost 3 stone in weight fast!

How losing weight changed my life, confidence and how it will for you to.

If you are looking to lose several stone in weight or just tone up for summer, then this article should help you well on your way.

It’s really easy when you know how, as Janine knows who you can read about on my Testimonials page.


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So…let’s get to it.

Read every word of this guide and please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

  • Introduction
  • Step1. How Many Calories Do You Need?
  • Step2. Avoid Fat Free Food
  • Step3. Exercise

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Why You Need to Eat to Lose Weight

How Many Calories Do I Need To Lose Weight?


I get people every week from SimplyGetFit, mainly female asking additional questions from my How To Lose Weight The Right Way article.

The most frequent reason I am finding why people aren’t losing weight is they are not eating enough.

Until you realise how many calories you should be eating, that does sounds back to front so make sure you read all of this article for the explanation.

The Problem

When someone wants to lose weight they do one one of these, which are usually quite drastic –

  1. Start cutting all sorts out of their diet without understanding what they are doing
  2. Start a fad diet , dropping their calories to low and end up feeling faint
  3. Drop their calories to lose, lose weight for a few weeks then it stops

Or a combination of the above, sound familiar?

What most people fail to realise is your body needs calories to operation properly.

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Low Carb Pizza Recipe

After a intense workout session be it cardio or weight training, you may not feel like cooking. This low carb homepage pizza takes just a few minutes and tastes so much better than anything you buy.
Low Carb Pizza

Tasted amazing.

Small amount of tomato passata sauce, sliced mushrooms, peppers, chicken, chicken chorizo, red onion, low fat grated cheese and a sprikle of bbq sauce. Hot oven for 13 mins :)

Best Exercise To Lose Weight – Squats

One of the best exercises to lose weight is the squat. When the squat rack is busy, I use the squat machine.

Either will burn a hell of aload of calories

This was 4 x 8 reps starting at 100kg with my last set being 140kg

Combine sqauatting with limiting sugar and you will lose weight, that’s for sure.