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I will be writing a proper review over the next day or so but I thought I would upload this to show you.

30 minutes of heavy weight training on chest and back, followed by 15 rounds of interval rowing going hard.

30 seconds full pelt, 40 seconds rest .. repeated 13 times

As you can see from my results, I burnt over 700 calories so shows two things –

  • The amount of calories you can burn by lifting heavy
  • Intervals can burn more calories in less time than solid state cardio

MyZone Heart Rate Monitor Review


What I Eat to Lose Weight

I get asked quite a lot what to eat to lose weight, as most people are used to eating chocolate, biscuits, cake, bread, takeaways.

There are many different aspects into losing weight but the most important factor hands down is that you need to be in a calorie deficit to lose body fat.


The original article on SimplyGetFit began by talking about sugar due to sugar causing issues in burning bodyfat. This is because the sugar entering yoru body spikes your blood sugar, causes insulin to be released to bring it down but insulin promotes fat storage, so making it hard to burn body fat.

So overall, limit the sugar in your diet but also look at what you are eating so you are in a calorie deficit. This can be achieved by diet or exercise, or both.

At the time of writing, I am at 13 stone 6lb which works out about 188lb.

To see my abs which I can see coming, I need to lose around the last 7-10lb.

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Alternative Exercises for Fat Loss

Here are some alternative exercise’s you can do as either a circuit, on their own or just at the end of a gym session like myself and my brother did.


Why You Need to Eat to Lose Weight

How Many Calories Do I Need To Lose Weight?


I get people every week from SimplyGetFit, mainly female asking additional questions from my How To Lose Weight The Right Way article.

The most frequent reason I am finding why people aren’t losing weight is they are not eating enough.

Until you realise how many calories you should be eating, that does sounds back to front so make sure you read all of this article for the explanation.

The Problem

When someone wants to lose weight they do one one of these, which are usually quite drastic –

  1. Start cutting all sorts out of their diet without understanding what they are doing
  2. Start a fad diet , dropping their calories to low and end up feeling faint
  3. Drop their calories to lose, lose weight for a few weeks then it stops

Or a combination of the above, sound familiar?

What most people fail to realise is your body needs calories to operation properly.

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