The Best Diet Plans for Men and Women

What’s the Best Diet Plan to Lose Body Fat?

1. Mindset

You have probably heard the saying that losing weight is 80% diet, which is absolutely true but the way I see it is, if you are not in the right mindset then that 80% won’t happen.

In life we use food as a comfort instead of just using it as a fuel which it should be, we get bored so we eat, tv seems more interesting when we have something to nibble, bored at work? So people end up going to the vending machine. It all adds up.

Additionally, when people look into losing weight, getting fit they lack self belief or unsure on what they actually need to do. When you are in the right mindset as well as have a goal and how to get there, weight loss is so much easier.

A phrase I always go by is “If you think you can, or if you think you cant, you are probably right”

Do you think you can lose 1lb in weight? Yes? Then why not several pounds of a few stone?

There isn’t when you believe in yourself and know what direction to go.

When I first started to lose weight, I remember the day so vividly. I was a tubby 20 year old at a College in Sussex and I was eating a mars bar, a kitkat and a diet coke (I cant stand the taste of normal coke). I was laying on the sofa at home at the time and thought to myself, enough is enough.

I got up, went for a brisk walk in the sun and I changed overnight. It really is a case of if I can , anyone can.

Diet Plan for Losing Weight Advice

Track your calories – To come

Cut down on sugar

One of the major factors in losing weight is cutting down on processed sugar. There are several types of sugar and sources such as from fruit and milk but the main sugar source that prevents people losing the amount of body fat they would like is processed sugar. This is found in cakes, sweets and biscuits but also in food such as rice pudding, custard and low fat yogurts.
You constantly see low fat food advertised on tv and other media sources so people spend their hard earned money on these items that are said to help you lose weight. However, its what they are not telling you that’s what matter so reading between the lines.

To make food that’s low in fat taste good they pump it full of sugar, so a low fat yogurt has as much sugar as a chocolate bar.
The problem with sugar is its not just the empty calories, it makes the body have an insulin spike. This spike in the blood has the result of using sugar for energy and the body to store the fat in the food.That’s why sugar is so important to drop from your diet, but its very much underestimated. Which leads me to..

Avoid fat free food

The diet industry is absolutely huge, the food industry is absolute huge but do either advise you should or shouldn’t be eating low fat food if you want to lose weight, or the amount of sugar put into food to replace fat? Both hide the real truth because if they told you, many more people would lose a good few lb in weight, and less people would buy low fat food.
I don’t know if you have ever seen adverts  on tv, say for loans? And thought, that sounds like a great deal. Then look underneath the advert for the small print and the huge APR’s they charge, that could easily cause the person getting the loan to get nowhere fast or even more in debt.

This is very similar with low fat food, you eat it to try and lose weight but taking out the fat and replacing with sugar is actually worse than eating fat itself. This is due to the insulin response mentioned earlier, if you don’t have an insulin response then your body isn’t in a position to store the fat in the first place.

Always look at low fat food and the labal on the back, I think you will be very surprised.

Greek Yogurt is very good for you, but look at the varieties like strawberry? You will see they again make the taste by adding the sugar.

Eat more protein

Have you seen friends, family or people in general who go on fad diets, join well named diet companies to lose weight but are never happy. They lose weight yes but end up looking gaunt, that’s because they have lose fat as well as muscle.  This especially happens when you eat below the amount of calories per day that the body needs to operate properly.

To prevent this, you need to eat protein with every meal or your muscles will diminish, leaving the gaunt look many people end up with. Wouldn’t you rather look slim, lean, toned and healthy with normal fat and muscle evenly distributed rather than skinny fat as the name its given. This is where you look good in clothes but underneath are still flabby where muscle has been used by the body along with fat which is not what you want at all.

You also find this symptom on women more than me, because men weight train and women generally don’t but those who do, feel so much better in their own bodies. See the next section.

Weight train – To Come

Add in cardio – To Come