Best Exercise To Lose Weight – Squats

One of the best exercises to lose weight is the squat. When the squat rack is busy, I use the squat machine.

Either will burn a hell of aload of calories

This was 4 x 8 reps starting at 100kg with my last set being 140kg

Combine sqauatting with limiting sugar and you will lose weight, that’s for sure.

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Why Women Should Lift Weights in the Gym

women should weight train


By Rob Stone

You know what drives me bonkers when going into pretty much any gym? It’s the people you see strutting away on the treadmill or cross trainer at a slooooow stready pace and then leave the gym.

When was the last time you saw a woman weight training? Yup, it does happen but far far less that it should. When women do use weights, they tend to use just small dumbbells which wont do much at all.

Total respect to any women who has seen the light in weight training, but unfortunately they are usually not doing it to its full potential but its still fantastic to see woman who do weight train as it aids weight loss tremendously.

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Interval Training for Ultimate Fat Loss

From 40-60 minute boring cardio to 20-25 kick ass fat burning..

If you are used to steady cardio for 30-45 mins in the gym, have you turned to interval training for much more efficient fat loss?

burns fat loss

For many years, to many to think about I spent a huge amount of time going for long run’s, with my time to do a 5k and 10k getting pretty good but it always did concern me the amount of pressure we put on our knee’s.

An example aside from runners are cyclists and the many people over the years I have heard of that required knee operations due to the wear and tear put on the knees themselves.

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