What I Eat to Lose Weight


I get asked quite a lot what to eat to lose weight, as most people are used to eating chocolate, biscuits, cake, bread, takeaways.

There are many different aspects into losing weight but the most important factor hands down is that you need to be in a calorie deficit to lose body fat.

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Alternative Exercises for Fat Loss

Here are some alternative exercise’s you can do as either a circuit, on their own or just at the end of a gym session like myself and my brother did.


Low Carb Pizza Recipe

After a intense workout session be it cardio or weight training, you may not feel like cooking. This low carb homepage pizza takes just a few minutes and tastes so much better than anything you buy.
Low Carb Pizza

Tasted amazing.

Small amount of tomato passata sauce, sliced mushrooms, peppers, chicken, chicken chorizo, red onion, low fat grated cheese and a sprikle of bbq sauce. Hot oven for 13 mins :)

Best Exercise To Lose Weight – Squats

One of the best exercises to lose weight is the squat. When the squat rack is busy, I use the squat machine.

Either will burn a hell of aload of calories

This was 4 x 8 reps starting at 100kg with my last set being 140kg

Combine sqauatting with limiting sugar and you will lose weight, that’s for sure.